Norton antivirus

Get Norton Security

Norton Security Standard can protect only one system. Norton Security Deluxe can be used for up to 5 systems, and Norton Security Premium can protect up to 10 systems. To know more about them and their comparison you can visit the official site of Norton.

Here at we are providing more information about how to download your product after purchasing the Norton security. And provide the guideline about how to the active product using production key, how to download in other devices and how to reinstall the security product if needed.

Norton security products

There are three editions of Norton Security:

  1. Norton Security Standard – protection for 1 device
  2. Norton Security Deluxe – protection for 5 devices
  3. Norton Security Premium – protection for 10 devices

How much does Norton renewal cost?

if you subscribed annually to Norton Security Deluxe as your base4 and you recently added on Norton Secure VPN for 1 device – the then applicable annual renewal subscription price is $99.99 + $49.99 = $149.98/year.